Emma's Story at 27weeks pregnant

I was grateful to photograph Emma at 26 weeks pregnant in my Mt Martha home studio on the Mornington Peninsula. She is a stunning mother-to-be and brought her beautiful pregnant sister with her. During the photoshoot I ask how has your pregnancy been? Her answer is what I would love to share with you all.

Emma - "At 22 weeks our baby was diagnosed with heterodoxy syndrome-right atrial isomerism. The right side of the heart is much larger than the left and the left side is not working at all. The blue and red blood in our baby's heart is mixing and therefore will affect the energy levels and rate of development, especially in our little ones earlier years. Our baby also has many issues associated with the plumbing of the heart, which will require multiple open heart surgeries to correct. This is a very rare and complex heart disorder which also affects some of our baby's other internal organs and a possible absence of the baby's spleen. Even after surgery our baby still faces the risk of heart failure and a possibility of requiring a heart transplant later on in life"

Congenital heart disease is the biggest killer of babies under the age of 1 in Australia. Emma and Nathan wanted to share their story and raise awareness in hope that other families don't feel alone.

Emma - "It was a very overwhelming diagnosis when we were first informed but, in the end, Nathan and I realised that we are the luckiest people in the world. We still get the gift of becoming parents and we know that we will do everything we can to provide our baby the best life we possibly can. The biggest thing I have learnt through our journey is that if we allow ourselves to be upset or feel sorry for ourselves, through times like these, then we have already given up. Having a baby is a wonderful thing and we can only show strength and hope. We need our baby to see that we believe in them so they continue to grow up believing in themselves. I will never stereotype my child as being 'different' from other children, I want them to grow up like any other child. I want our child to have dreams and aspirations, to never feel like they can't do something or that they are not good enough. Our child will  always be rewarded for doing their best rather than raised to believe that winning is everything. "we hold our children's hands for a while, their hearts forever". Our child may be faced with extra challenges growing up but they will always have our love and support. We will never stop reminding them of how wonderful and strong they really are."

Emma and Nathan have also shared their story through a Heart Kids charity to help raise awareness & money towards CHD. Please find the link below

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